How do you portray a lifestyle at a place that doesn’t exist?

How do you portray a lifestyle at a place that doesn’t exist?

How do you portray a lifestyle at a place that doesn’t exist?

‘A place to call home’. ‘A new place packed with innovation, ideas and creativity’. ‘A building to nurture a talented workforce’. ‘A hub for people to connect’.

Places and spaces can offer all these things and more – and that's easy to understand when you find yourself in the middle of the final built environments. But how do you bring to life ‘experience’ or ‘personality’ to an audience when a place doesn't yet exist? It’s fair to say that brilliantly executed CGIs play a big role – a celebration of the scheme’s design and architecture – but let’s be honest, they can sometimes lack a certain realness that’s relatable and engaging*.
Our solution? Campaign photography. Photoshoots that can include weeks of pre-production, tens of crew members and cast, and loads of different locations and scenes. It goes without saying that all this can be a significant investment out of the marketing budget. All of this for an initial suite of shots. So why is this important?

We live in a world where the day to day norm is to live vicariously (to some degree) through other people’s photos – you only need to look at the 500,000 daily users on Instagram to know this is true. Real people in real places evoke relatable memories and aspirations. So, when a photoshoot for a non-existing place is well-executed, the same is true. The subsequent library of images to use across every platform is invaluable to the brand and the campaign… content is king after all!

Of course, the aim of the game is to make the place feel ‘alive’ and desirable, without being something it’s not. A talented photographer is key of course – but there are many other things to consider when undertaking a photoshoot of this scale.

Scouting out the perfect locations and finding the perfect cast is no mean feat. Consideration to the development’s vision, the potential atmosphere of the place, and even the scheme’s final design aesthetic – while simultaneously ensuring there’s nothing identifiable about the places chosen, is crucial to the success of the shoot. Choosing a diverse cast to represent the vision in an aspirational way, without feeling to contrived, needs a refined eye. Styling them in the right wardrobe accompanied with the right props from aligned brands, with careful composition, art direction and lighting – nothing can be overlooked to help create a realistic scene.

None of this could happen without an incredible team behind you, whose ideas align with the brand vision. Every photoshoot we produce invests all the hours, blood, sweat and tears possible to ensure the end result aligns with the development, until the ‘place’ has finally become real. You might have guessed it – it’s a huge passion of ours!

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*Unless they're created by Beyond ;).