A unique brand for unique spaces

A unique brand for unique spaces

Regularly making a pit-stop at the numerous pubs, restaurants and bars that frequent the arches near London Bridge station, we were chuffed to be asked to create the name and branding for one of the UK’s most exciting new property companies. The Arch Co, formed when Telereal Trillium and Blackstone purchased Network Rail’s arches portfolio, has become the largest provider of small and medium sized businesses in both England and Wales.

With a vibrant and vast tenant base, from bakeries and barbers to builders merchants and breweries, the new name and brand has been created to appeal to everyone.

Modern, yet embracing the arches industrial past, the stamp identity nods back to the history that gives the buildings their character. Created with a series of curves, the mark also clearly reflects the beautifully shaped arches it represents.

Providing a platform for some of the most quirky, fun and forward-thinking businesses our minds can imagine, if you see our orange stamp in your local area soon, you may well be in for a treat.

Find out more about what The Arch Co do here.

– Posted by SB