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Budge up print, make room for digital

Budge up print, make room for digital

Budge up print, make room for digital

Stepladder had the pleasure of being Silver Sponsors of the Estates Gazette's 2nd Annual Marketing Summit on Thursday 25th June, a day for industry peers to share practical marketing guidance on where to spend the marketing pound.

I had the opportunity to offer my support by participating in the afternoon panel, a discussion of the title ‘Move Over Print – The Future is Digital’, the future of property marketing collateral and the value of print – a topic that, I’m sure you can appreciate, is very appropriate to us. 

The panel was evenly split, James Fenner of Silk Road and myself with perspective from a marketing agency and Sally Saadeh of Oxford Properties and Michelle van Vuuren of Sotheby’s International Realty with that of a client. Conference chairman, Nick Hughes was tasked with the difficult role of facilitator and did a cracking job at opening the audience for engagement. 

We've already received some great feedback on the interesting opinions and viewpoints that were shared and for a marketing guru (thank you again Nick Hughes) it was refreshing to hear how feelings and emotions are still being obtained from print.

Perhaps the future is in fact digital interaction of print” – Sally Saadeh

Digital opens the door. Print is personal.” – Michelle van Vuuren

Digital is not taking the place of print, but is influencing the way we use print and reinforcing interaction within a campaign to derive maximum impact. Is print dead? No, we'll always want the feel good touchy feely physical interaction we can only get from print – This experience is part of the process, part of the journey.

It was a truly enjoyable and informative day, meeting new people and catching up with familiar ones. We very much look forward to involvement with future EG Conferences.

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