Cooper & Southwark

61 Southwark Street, by HB Reavis, is located on the junction between Southwark Street and Great Guildford Street, an area which was once home to the Anchor Brewery – a brewery known nation-wide for its quality Ale. The buildings new name, Cooper & Southwark, pays homage to the craftsmanship of the Coopers – the barrel makers who hand built the wooden barrels to store the Ale from the brewery. We developed the phrase “Made for Work” from these values, to acknowledge the quality of design and work shown in something handmade and the artistry of creating something for work, as we believe the area is built on just that. Cooper & Southwark celebrates hard work, determination and craftsmanship. So, we raise a Cooper & Southwark branded bottle of Ale and toast to a history of hard work. Because what better way to celebrate than with a nice cold beer. Cheers!