Behind the Scenes

We’ve been up and down The Thames directing numerous photoshoots over the past few months, capturing both architecture and lifestyles of the micro areas within the Canary Wharf estate, for five leasing projects we’re working on for Canary Wharf Group. How do you create five very different campaigns, for five very different properties with different positioning in the market but situated in one estate? Well, we commissioned five fantastic photographers with hugely different styles, each suited to the brand and personality of each project; David Hares, Luke Hayes, Nick Guttridge, Simon Ellis and Rob Parish were chosen to compile lifestyle and architectural photography which captures the essences of each micro area to assist us in conveying the individual brand, personality and message of each building. It’s been great getting up close and personal with these micro areas of Canary Wharf. We’re now back in the studio editing the images – keep an eye out for the final brochures.