Festive Fun!

Another Stepladder Christmas

A great day out to celebrate another successful year. Now bring on our exciting new home and (an already) busy New Year.With the upcoming studio move it seemed only right to have a final hurrah in our cosy ground floor studio.
In true Christmas style we worked our way through chocolates and swapped Secret Santa gifts while wearing silly Christmas hats. Questionable gifts have become ‘a thing’ at Stepladder and this year was no different; edible human snot, a calendar of topless male models, a Nerf Gun and another selfie stick were among them – the unwrapping of a Beer Pong set however, resulted in much excitement!
We then moved on in the direction of a cool new spot on the London Shoreditch bar scene, Flight Club. We battled it out over cocktail and pizza before a three-course Christmas dinner at Blixen.
A great day out to celebrate another successful year. Now bring on our exciting new home and (an already) busy New Year.