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Happy 10th Birthday to us!

Happy 10th Birthday to us!

Happy 10th Birthday to us!

We’re celebrating 10 years at Stepladder this week. We almost feel grown up! On reaching this milestone, it’s good to reflect on how far we’ve come…

10 years ago we started up in Clerkenwell. Initially, just the two of us (Will and I), renting some desks with another company. We had one goal at that time – to create a property-focused branding agency that we felt didn’t exist back in recession-hit 2009. We were driven by our own ambitions – too curious and independent to carry on working for someone else. It was a brave leap, but we thought we had all the tools we needed to start.

We knew it would be bloody hard work, but we were regularly putting in 15-16 hour days for the first couple of years. We gave up our social lives and almost everything we owned financially. We didn’t realise that running a business came with such a steep learning curve! Cash flow, trust, and delivery were three areas that became very important early on and staying on top of these areas really hammered home the reality of being totally responsible for something.

Going from renting desks to leasing our own studio on Bermondsey Street was a huge (but exciting) step. In honesty, we hadn’t fully anticipated the pressure the costs associated with leasing and fitting out our offices would bring, it changed the game in many ways!

As success came, we were forced to move as the team expanded and the space shrunk. We moved to a new home near The Tate in Southwark, an inspiring location for both work and relaxing (although there wasn't much time for the latter). With over 100 clients and no sign of slowing down, we have now established ourselves as one of the country’s leading branding agencies within the property sector. This is something that we’re both very proud of. We’ve have now invested in a bigger and more modern studio. This give our team the ability to work collaboratively and productively for our client, we like to have as many people at HQ as we can.

As part of our growth plans, we have recently launched a new company called Studio 185 – Named after our first office address (185 Bermondsey Street), Studio 185 is a design studio specifically equipped to excel in the fast-paced leasing and investment markets. This studio, along with our CGI studio Beyond gives us a wider capacity to deal with all the different types of enquiries we receive.

We’re so proud of how our company has grown, and that we count local, national and international businesses among our client base, including small, medium and large-scale enterprises. We’re also really pleased to say that our first three clients are all still with us today.

We don’t know what the next ten years will bring, but we can promise the same level of commitment and service that has come to define our business and reputation.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of our success, we truly appreciate your support and we very much look forward to another successful ten years and beyond (pun intended).

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