Indian Summer Party

Indian Summer Party

The Stepladder Summer Party is constructed of the same two things year on year, namely;

1) It will always be an ‘Indian summer party’ aka a date in September when we’re clinging onto the last few milliseconds of relatively warmish weather. This is partly due to staff holidays, but mostly due to the Studio Manager’s incompetence when it comes to holding dates in the team calendar.

2) It will always have more in common with a Hen/Stag Do, than it will with a team-building away day.

This year, it certainly did not fail to deliver on these two points.

We started our day off with a Party Boat Cruise along the canal. Our eyes lit up from Regents Canal when we took in the view of Tom Dixons new home at Coal Drops Yard (jaw drops), the imposing beauty of Central St Martins and a fan favourite here at Step HQ – Granary Square. With the likes of Caravan and Dishoom, we could have easily just parked up there for the afternoon and ‘nerded out’ completely!

But hey-ho, we had to move on so we headed up the canal and after the Islington Canal Tunnel escapade, we took in the views of the beautiful residential townhouses of Angel and City Road Lock. After a swift U-turn, we headed back again in the afternoon sun, listening to beats from our resident DJ’s JC & MMM (check out our playlist here) and drinking Corona’s by the bucket load.

Back on dry land we ventured down the Northern Line to Old Street and after a quick glance at one of our own projects Arnold we ended up (albeit slightly inebriated) at Dinerama, Shoreditch.

The stag-do-come-student drinking games ensued. Who knew how much fun you could have with a lemon on a poor unassuming souls shoulder? We were also forced to endure Buffalo, T.e.n / M.i.n.e and Ducked – you can come out with us to find out exactly what the hell those drinking games are…

By the end of the night we ended up at The Shoreditch. What can we say… something magnificent happens when you get 1) a dad, and 2) a boss, to dance. This is a scene we will struggle to forget. Unfortunately.

In the end, a great day was had by all the crew. The full 24 hour ‘hang’ the following day was living proof. Anyway, spending 12 hours solid together, albeit drinking, still counts as team-time. Right?

We’d do it all again.


Until next time..


– Posted by the Stepladder team