Newbie Central

Old and new faces

Keeping our design team fresh is very important to us. So we’ve shuffled around some old faces and plucked out some new ones to do just that…
Josh Campbell, joined us at the end of last year with a self-diagnosis known in the design industry world as creative blood.
Damasia Ball has now made her place at Step HQ as Senior Account Manager. Having recently moved from NYC to London we still thoroughly enjoy confusing her with our Britishism; “hold fire” and “went down a treat” to name just a few.
Newest recruit Amika Bartholomew, has come to take over the role as StepMother, otherwise known as Studio Manager. Amika’s front of house reception experience and creative background leaves us with little doubt that we’re in good hands.
Gem Starkins, former “StepMother”, is a familiar face with a new position. Gem is now Project Manager, assisting our Account Management team.