Places & Spaces

Bringing something to life, when a place doesn’t exist yet?

It’s fair to say that brilliantly executed CGIs play a big role in bringing future buildings to life – but they can lack a certain realness that’s relatable and engaging. Our solution? Campaign photography. This can be an investment out of the marketing budget, so why is it important? The aim of the game is to make the place feel ‘alive’ and desirable, without being something it’s not. A talented photographer is key of course – but things like the perfect locations and a well styled diverse cast is also crucial, while simultaneously ensuring there’s nothing identifiable about the places chosen. Every photoshoot we produce invests blood, sweat and tears to ensure the end result aligns with the development and you might have guessed it – it’s a huge passion of ours! If you’d like to sound us out on your next marketing campaign, drop us a line.