Next generation Shoreditch

Branding, Digital, Photography, Print

Shoreditch is home to Arnold — a perfectly designed office space for the needs of tech, creative and commerce companies, centred around a new genre of curated spaces and places, designed for making a life — not just a living.

Red typography showing the Arnold brand mark / logo designed by Stepladder
  • A stack of marketing news papers showing the red typographic logo for Arnold designed by Stepladder
  • Double page spread of the marketing news paper for Arnold showing a CGI of the building and two spacewomen who are part of the marketing campaign designed by Stepladder
  • A beautiful woman dressed up in a space costume as part of the marketing campaign for Arnold designed by Stepladder
  • A woman in a green skirt and red shoes walking with her black dog as part of the location photography for Arnold in the Shoreditch area