The Industrial Revelation

Branding, Copywriting, Digital, Photography, Print, Signage

Covent Garden is established as a world-class destination for retail, dining and business. Working with Colliers we produced this campaign for the famous Seven Dials Warehouse building – a perfect base for creative companies from media start-ups to advertising agencies.

A 1950's black and white image of workers next to the Seven Dials warehouse as part of the areas history mentioned in the brochure designed by Stepladder
Multiple Seven Dials Warehouse brochures laid side by side showing details of the brand mark and logo designed by Stepladder
  • Double page spread of the Seven Dials Warehouse marketing brochure showing a CGI of the exterior of the building and typography saying Industrial Revelation, Victorian stature, contemporary charisma designed by Stepladder
  • Two stylish men sitting on a bench talking as part of the lifestyle photography that was used for the Seven Dials Warehouse marketing brochure designed by Stepladder
Branded signage for the Seven Dials Warehouse building designed by Stepladder
CGI of the reception for Seven Dials Warehouse showing an industrial staircase and a pink velvet seating area designed by Stepladder