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STEPCHANGE – Not just for tree huggers

STEPCHANGE – Not just for tree huggers

STEPCHANGE – Not just for tree huggers

It feels as though everyone, from every background / sector / country is realising that the need for change is well & truly overdue. Collectively, we have made a right pickle of our planet & we can’t go on thinking it’s not our problem.

Trying to undo even a percentage of the damage that we have done to our world was a movement that we were desperate to get behind. But it wasn’t about setting giant, sky high unattainable goals. It was about thinking of reasonable ways that we could try & improve things as a company; in the limited time that we have available.


To do what we would usually do - but, be better at it. More thoughtful. Making more considered decisions in our every day.

It started with water.

Plastic has become one of the most taboo words around & it was this that prompted us to think about how we were using plastic as a company. It was decided that we could make one small, considered change to our every day by installing a water cooler – filtered water for all without the harsh side effects of a plastic bottle.

This change had a knock on effect & lead to some other areas that we felt had room for adjustment...


Not only are we trying to make environmental changes, we’re also trying not to take, take, take. We all like the warm fuzzy feeling from doing something good for others but life often gets in the way.

This year, we’re making sure we clear some time for fundraising & volunteering for a range of local & national causes.

First in line will be the LandAid 10K on the 7th June. We’ll be taking part along with hundreds of others to raise money to end youth homelessness in the UK. Forget couch to 5K, we’re more like couch to 10K but here goes! It’s an incredible cause & we’re willing to give it our best shot.


Wellness is a hot topic in our industry & we’re doing this Stepladder style. Yoga in the park? A healthy home-cooked slap up meal for the team once a month? Plants in the office?

All of the above of course, followed by a trip to the pub.


This is just the beginning for us & our hope is that these head slapingly easy things that everyone can do are the start of a more considered & giving approach to our work life & beyond.

We’ll be keeping you up to date with the latest achievements in Stepchange. Feel free to support us / get involved in any way that you can!


– Posted by the Stepladder team