HB Reavis Talks

The key to happiness?

When Louise and Amy (our wonderful clients) from HB Reavis, extended an invite earlier in the year to their eagerly anticipated “talks” event, we were quite frankly happier than pigs in sh*t! And for good reason. Not only was it a great chance to catch up with some old and new chums over a Carlsberg or three, but there was a stellar line-up of insightful orators to keep us inspired from beginning to end. Julian Treasure led the line-up, he’s a sound and communications wiz and the mastermind behind The Sound Agency, next was Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, renowned physiologist and sleep expert and finally Mr. Mo Gawdat, Chief Business Officer at Google hopped up on stage to talk to us about happiness. Overall, it was a very insightful and inspiring day full of positive energy that we will definitely channelling from now on.

Thanks for having us team HB Reavis.