Stepladder Squad Goals

Stepladder Squad Goals

After a Usain Bolt-esque start to the new financial year we’re exceptionally chuffed to announce that we’ve hired some newbies across departments to help with the influx of new work.


From VAR to CAD, balls to bricks, off side to on site… you get the idea. Henry has made the ‘seamless’ transition from the world of football to the world of property, joining our New Projects & Marketing team for an undisclosed fee to help put even more points on the board for Stepladder in the seasons to come.

Henry is already juggling some exciting conversations about projects right here in the big smoke and out of town too. If you have a proposal or fantasy league tactics to discuss (or just fancy a kick about), be sure to get on the blower to Mr Sims.


The lovely Chloe has joined us from Identity where she managed campaigns for some of London’s most notable schemes, including (but certainly not limited to), Lincoln Square for Oldham and South Bank Tower for CIT… pfft show off.

In and amongst her time ‘there’, Chloe even found time to live in Kuala Lumpur and the land Down Under. Not bad mate.

Chloe is now on board at Stepladder as a Senior Account Manager and has taken the reins of a multitude projects that have come through our doors in recent months. She makes our clients lives SO easy that a couple of them have even requested her ahead of any projects in the future.


Despite being fresh out the box here at Step HQ, our new Senior Designer Simon, has been crafting brands and campaigns for the past 13 years. Really making us raise our eyebrows (in a good way) at the property marketing campaigns he’s produced for the likes of Hammerson, Shaftesbury & The Crowne Estate.

Outside of the building they call Emerson, Simon considers himself:

- A bit of a Devil, as a die-hard supporter of Manchester United.
- Occasionally succumbs to a surge of wanderlust that takes him gallivanting around the world.
- A bit of a Heston in the kitchen.
- Struggles to stand on a surfboard in the ocean for longer than a nano-second. Don’t fret, we’ll practice with you Simon.


Jess rules the New Projects & Marketing roost, when she says ‘jump’, they say ‘how high?’.

An administrative wizard who has taken control of all the inner-workings of the New Projects team, Bracey is pointing us in the right directions at all times.

A special effects & creature design specialist in her spare time (we know you just said “cooool” at your screen), we are already lining up to secure her skills for a Halloween Step-social this year.

Fair word of warning to our clients, if you're organising a meet with Bracey, make sure cold beer and Maple Syrup are on the agenda, otherwise Bracey will be a no-show.

No really… she won’t turn up.


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