Trick or Treat?!

The spooky bake off

We went all spooky with the annual Stepladder bake-off. The rules: to create an (edible) cake with the ultimate scare-factor. We had the usual Halloween suspects; pumpkins, ghosts, graveyards and the like, we were also ‘treated’ to some more gruesome creations in the form of oozing blood, maggot riddled hearts and human brains. We called upon top Vampire judge, Mary Berry aka Danny at Push Print and his mini helper to eat their way through these tasty delights and decide who had the scariest cake of them all. A well-deserved first place went to Corey, for his blondie brownie graveyard with white chocolate chunks and pecans, topped with a salted caramel glaze and Oreo cookie dust. Second place was awarded to Lauren, for her Saw inspired brownie bear trap and third place went to Will, who won the ‘brain-off’ against Mark – his bottom was a little less soggy…whatever next?!