Walk to Work

In June of this year, Ben and Sam embarked on a remarkable charity walk that spanned over 12 hours, stretching from Tunbridge Wells to our office in Shoreditch. While it may seem like their motivation was simply the love for each other’s company, the truth is they undertook this journey for a noble cause, the Walk to Work initiative, aimed at raising awareness for Sal’s Shoes.

Thanks to your extraordinary generosity, we successfully gathered an impressive £4000 for @salsshoes, an organisation committed to providing underprivileged children with vital footwear worldwide. The impact of this contribution is immeasurable, substantially improving the lives of numerous children.

We wholeheartedly encourage all of you to explore the remarkable and transformative work that Sal’s Shoes is dedicated to. If you missed the opportunity to donate before the walk, their website link is below.


Your ongoing support means the world to us.