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We flew, we soared, we wore Christmas Jumpers

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We flew, we soared, we wore Christmas Jumpers

We flew, we soared, we wore Christmas Jumpers

We flew, we soared, we wore Christmas Jumpers

For our Christmas do, we took to the skies. The helicopter delighted and terrified us in equal measure, all the way from Battersea to Canary Wharf and back again. The Christmas jumpers were an absolute necessity. Along with the hohoho’s and other Christmas clichés.

2010 – Edinburgh.
2011 – Cork.
2012 – Brussels.
2013 – London.

For the last few years, we have taken our festive pilgrimage to near-flung destinations throughout Europe, spending an inordinate amount of time sampling local wares and drinking in the local culture. Edinburgh was bonny, Cork was a craic, Brussels was buzzing but this year we decided to spend our Christmas day out in the confines of our own backyard.

Dressed uncomfortably in a poly-viscose mix of Christmas jumpers, we kicked off the day by tackling a Full English at our local Bar – The Swan (‘when in Rome…’ and all that…).

After a satisfying fill and a fair-few calories heavier, we taxied to Battersea with the promise of viewing our Capital in the best way possible – from the air. After several nervous toilet visits, our briefing began at The London Helicopter. Nervous laughter permeated the briefing, leading to some lying about their weight so they didn’t have to sit up front with the pilot.

The sensation of a helicopter ride is difficult to explain but it is somewhat akin to a Vestibular illusion that only exists under conditions of unreliable or unavailable external visual references. ie the enormous breakfast that was eaten less than an hour ago was making some of us feel a tad queasy.

The queasiness was eased 600ft up, by the sight of Father Thames winding his way Eastwards towards the West End and the City, taking in the marvellous site of our favourite Landmarks; 20 Fenchurch Street, The Leadenhall Building, The Gherkin et al. Hovering above The Shard was a ‘pinnacle’ moment and one for the memory banks (and memory cards). After 35 minutes, we arrived back on Terra Firma – for some it was a very welcome site – for others it was all over too quickly. For all of us, a very memorable experience that will last for years.

The next stage of our big day out was a well-deserved drink in Covent Garden. We descended upon Browns for a few celebratory aperitifs before Lunch at Les Deux Salons in Covent Garden. After these more cultural indulgences, the rest of the evening was spent in the West-End sampling local wares, losing company credit cards and having cycle-rickshaw races.

Next years Xmas trip will have to work hard to top our London day-out and we will have to work harder to earn it.

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