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Well-being, AI, Sleeping Easy & Happiness – HB Reavis does the talkin’

Well-being, AI, Sleeping Easy & Happiness – HB Reavis does the talkin’

Well-being, AI, Sleeping Easy & Happiness – HB Reavis does the talkin’

When Louise and Amy (our wonderful clients) from HB Reavis, extended an invite earlier in the year to their eagerly anticipated “talks” event, we were quite frankly happier than pigs in sh*t!

And for good reason too, not only was it a great chance to catch up with some old and new chums in the market over a Carlsberg or three, but there was a stellar line-up of insightful orators to keep us inspired from beginning to end. From getting a better snooze to redesigning environments to increase productivity, these were just a couple of the subjects that would arise. Our ears and hearts were open, and after a nicely made brew (full marks) we settled in our seats, raring to go.

First up was a man that really didn’t need much of an introduction, Julian Treasure is sound and communications wiz and the mastermind behind The Sound Agency. He’s graced the stage at TED on five occasions (no biggie) and has been listened to over 50 million times, in his words “it’s quite freaky”, in our words “that’s bloody good going!”.

The subject of the day was designing with your ears. In the hustle and bustle of the big smoke we have become accustomed to a constant barrage of “mostly unpleasant” background noise that is putting a strain on all of us… little did we know. Julian took us through the four different ways sound affects us (physiologically, psychologically, cognitively and behaviourally) on a day-to-day basis with effortless class and interesting statistics throughout.

For instance, how sounds can influence behaviour, there was an experiment that was conducted in a Wine shop in which they alternated between French and German music every day. On the days they played French tunes, French wine outsold German 5 to 1. When they did the opposite, German outsold French 2 to 1. We personally don’t know which is better than the other (red, white, pink… that’s it right?), but it’s a clear-cut example of influence through sounds that can be adopted by retailers.

Next up was, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan. I had a double-take at my phone when I saw her subject of the day. Not because sleep was such a unique talking point (one of our personal favourites), but because of her energy. Dr Nerina instantly caught the attention of the audience with her charisma and enthusiasm – it was evident someone had their eight hours last night!

We spent a third of our lives sleeping (a pretty sizeable chunk) so we should be taking the necessary steps to ensure that we sleep well. Living in the age of 21st Century insomnia – we’ve lost our ability to oscillate – constantly feeling frantic not allowing the body chance to rest. She offered some useful tricks of the trade:

1. Eat brekkie within 30 minutes – Eggs added to Tesco order.
2. Cut back on the caffeine – No more double spiced pumpkin lattes.
3. Flood the body with water – Not literally… but have more than a tumbler a day.
4. Prepare your body to rest during a day – Every 60-90 minutes go for a walk and take a break, you are not a machine!
5. Don’t look at phone for first 20 minutes – People can wait to hear from you until 7:20 am.

AI… relationships online… VR… machines taking over everyday life… just some of the subjects brought up by Trevor Hardy of The Future Laboratory, a strategic consultancy focusing on the insights of tomorrow. During his 18-minute segment, he discussed primarily our relationship and convenience with technology and its limitless capabilities. From parenthood, where mother’s (and papa’s) can now buy a Snoo Smart Sleeper, that rocks on its lonesome and creates “womb” sounds in order to comfort the child so they won’t have to. To love, where you can use an Apple TV in order to flick through your tinder matches.

At what point does human input become insignificant, and will it get to the point where we are replaced when making key decisions or completing daily tasks? In my opinion a bit of a haunting reality unfolding, no Snoo Smart Sleeper when the time is right for me please!

To round things off for the day, Mr. Mo Gawdat, Chief Business Officer at Google (X) hopped up on stage to talk to us about happiness. Woah – the Mothership… and something that we don’t necessarily pay enough attention to. Unfortunately, Mo lost his son to an illness at just 21 years old. Just 17 days after his death he decided to treat it as the “zero-point” for how harsh life can be, focusing on making every day after just a little bit better for himself and the people he comes into contact with. What an inspiring purpose to focus on, and it’s adoptable by everyone. I can’t help but feeling that if we all rolled out of bed with the same basic ambition as Mo, the world would simply be a happier and more forgiving place. Maybe one day…

His initial target was using his formula to make #10millionhappy, thanks to his network that was easily achieved with his thoughts being shared with 100 million people in all four corners of the world. He is now well on his way to sharing this quest for happiness to #onebillionhappy. A seventh of our planet!

You have nineteen more in us Mo and we’ll spread the word. God-speed.

Thanks for having us team HB Reavis.

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